Field Development

San Jose Soccer Complex Foundation Purchases Land for New Soccer Facility

A sweeping 171-acre parcel in San Benito County

The San Jose Soccer Complex Foundation has taken the first big step toward its dream of a national-caliber soccer complex in the South Valley. The Foundation has purchased a sweeping 171-acre parcel in San Benito County, near the intersection of Highway 25 and Shore Road (between Gilroy and Hollister). The complex is approximately three miles from Highway 101, and about 15 to 20 minutes from the current soccer complex serving District II in Morgan Hill.

The vision for the land is exciting: up to 26 fields, built in phases over time. Some fields will have natural grass; some the latest artificial turf. A number will also be lighted for evening play. In addition, the hope is to build one “stadium” field with bleacher seating, a scoreboard, press box, locker rooms, and more. Picnic and play areas are also envisioned for families with younger siblings. Parking will accommodate approximately 2,000 vehicles. This is the Foundation’s vision—but there is much work to be done to make these plans a reality.

The existing Morgan Hill soccer complex is still slated to be taken over by the City of Morgan Hill, which plans to convert it to a multi-sport complex—with football and softball fields, in addition to some soccer fields. Its availability for District II or CYSA events such as tournaments, State Cup, Association Cup, American Cup, or ODP, would be minimal.

The San Jose Soccer Complex Foundation is now conducting a detailed review of its requirements and mapping a plan of action to begin work on the complex, which will serve tens of thousands of young people playing soccer in the District II area, and many thousands more from throughout Northern California and beyond. In addition, the complex will be available for other soccer uses, such as amateur adult games and play by unaffiliated organizations.

Help the San Jose Soccer Complex Foundation reach its Gooaaalll!!! For more information about this exciting effort, visit the San Jose Soccer Complex Foundation web site, or e-mail Bob Joyce, Foundation President, at .